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Unique Identity is dedicated to creating exquisite personalised designs centered around zodiac and astrological signs, birthstones, tailor-made world maps and customised initials - pieces completely unique to your life's evolving story. We create beautifully simple and timeless products with stories of past, present and future.

Unlike throwaway fashion pieces, our jewellery is designed to be treasured and kept forever.

A blueprint of your life was created the moment you were born, constructing a thread to you, to your kin and the cosmos that make up your astrology. Our pieces are designed to connect you to every single part of your soul's destiny. Our sentiments have a real meaning behind them, so allow them to help tell your own personal story.

Our opulent but contemporary designs are suitable for wearing daily, customisable with multiple pieces and becoming part of your personal statement. The best jewellery can show where you've been, what you stand for, and what's most important to you.

So often, human beings are drawn to things they cannot explain. Our treasured bespoke gifts are designed to connect you with yourself and to the parts of your soul that have yet to be discovered.

All of our products come accompanied by certification from the lab in which they are created, acknowledging their authenticity, and our diamonds and birthstones are expertly graded to ensure the highest quality for our bespoke jewellery pieces..